Once you bring your pet to The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort, you will never have to worry about leaving your pet behind, because your pet will love it here!

Nellie loves staying at the UltiMutt Inn and & Pet Resort. Her care there is beyond excellent!! Each and every staff member is fabulous and they treat my dog as the child she really is. I can travel and know that Nellie is in excellent care with the kindest, most expert care I could ask for. She goes to doggie day care three days a week and loves this just as much as her over night stays. She is spoiled more so than I do and I can relax knowing she is in her happy place.
- Phyllis L.

Always an easy choice to make for our dogs... they love it there and they love them. They come back exhausted from playing, and swimming. They have been exceptional for helping our lab mix girl get comfortable swimming with water wings and lots of encouragement. Our full lab boy just has lots of fun! Lots of pics each day show what they are doing. Love this place!
- Leah W.

Best thing we’ve ever done for any of the dogs we have had. Excellent care. Beautiful facility. Could not ask for nicer people to care for our Cubby. To see the videos of the dogs interacting, running, jumping, playing, swimming, all appear so happy “dogs being dogs”, kinda makes me imagine what it’s like at the Rainbow Bridge as our guys wait for us.
- Michael H.

The inn is kept very clean and the staff treats the dogs like one of their own. I know my dogs are taken care of very well and come home happy and tired. It's a relief knowing they are well cared for and I don t have to worry when I leave them. Thank you for having a very nice facility.
- Nancy S.

It might be on the expensive side but my dogs try and break down the door when I board them. I can leave knowing they will have a good time and are taken care of. I look forward to seeing their pictures posted while I'm away too.
- Denise N.

Awesome place to bring the fur kids when you leave home. Caring dedicated staff who truly love your kids. They will have fun at the Mutt!!! Ours love going.
- April S.

We LOVE (my dog and I) the UltiMutt Inn! The place is great and I am so grateful I found it! (suggested by a friend of mine) Like many others that posted, Topper is my baby and I wouldn't take her anywhere else. I know that she is in good hands, will have a great time, and come home happy and tired!!! It's worth every penny you spend! Thank you UltiMutt Inn for giving my dog and I a worry-free and happy vacation!
- Kate I.

Our boy always wants to play one more time before he goes home.
- Wrena C.

 I cannot say enough great things about the UltiMutt Inn. We have been taking our dogs there for almost ten years and have never been less than happy. Recently, our dog had a medical issue while under their care (unrelated to them) and they treated him like he was their own and went out of their way to make sure he was cared for how we would have cared for him. Lifelong customers here!

- Jacki T.

I've used UltiMutt for about 10 years. Prices have increased but I still think it is worth it. My dog wags his tail as we get out of the car and he bolts to the caregivers who he is glad to see. No crates here! My dog loves the playtime (outside in real grass when the weather is good) twice a day and comes home tired.
- Judith M.

Awesome place! My dog, Cooper LOVES his daycare days. He sits at our door waiting to go to UltiMutt. The staff is incredibly caring. Sonja, the owner is always thinking of new things to bring into the daycare so that the dogs can have more fun. The place is bright, cheerful and full of great activity for dogs. I can't think of a better place for my dog to spend time.
- Caryn Avante

These girls work soo hard to keep my Hunter a happy and tired puppy will never go anywhere else.
- Andrea W.


Wonderful facility with caring staff that treats each dog as they would their own. Lots of playtime for everybody, both group and individual! Before UltiMutt, I didn't board my dogs. Now I can leave them there and never have to worry...They love the staff and that speaks volumes to me!

- Katie K.

Chestnut never wants to come home from her doggie camp! The staff is cheerful and buidlings are super clean - no "dog" smell! Tons of outdoor playtime with someone who throws them balls!
- Katie S.

Bailey always has a wonderful time. He is older and on insulin and heart meds but they never make me feel like he is a burden. I am so happy I found this place!
- Kara L.

Last night I lost my dear bichon who was 16 years old. He attended the UltiMutt for years every day while I was working. He had chronic medical problems and was a wonderful dog but needed extra attention. The staff provided Jake with exceptional care and love. They nursed him through kidney stones, pancreatitis, severe anxiety, and joint problems. They provided detailed reports about his day and became part of my family, loving him the way I did. The facility is immaculate, the staff is energetic, kind, and caring. They were exceptionally accommodating to my schedule, and called me if they had any concerns. Without them, Jake would not have lived as long as he did. I am forever grateful for their commitment for making him feel secure and loved, and I will miss
seeing them. When I realized he was severely ill, they offered to go with me to the vet to help me get through an emotionally difficult time.
The UltiMutt is a special place, with a unique philosophy about making dogs feel loved and special. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Sonja and her wonderful staff.
- Ann F.

Our dogs LOVE it here.
- Elizabeth W.

They care about the dogs and it shows.
- Wendee P.

Best doggie daycare and boarding.
- Hilda P.

Awesome place, so much fun activities and hands on experience for your 4 legged friend. Even has a swimming pool!
- Ray D.

Cage-free for all pups. Play yards, grass yards, indoor swimming, trail walks, dedicated and loving staff.
- Hilda P.

My girls love the UltiMutt. Always happy and pampered. And Abbie lives for the pool!
- Anonymous

Great playgroups.
- Christina K.

This is the most amazing place to take your dog for anything at all. Daycare, boarding and even grooming. I interviewed 9 different places before deciding on UltiMutt and will never leave my babies with anyone else. I have cancelled vacations because they did not have room before. All others charge extra for playtime when you pay for boarding and they do not and many also only allow 4 potty breaks a day!!!!! Who does that. UltiMutt Inn allows your dogs to go out to potty anytime they need to I just love the place and can not say enough good things about it.
- Michelle R.

This is a great place for your pet...caring and loving. Expensive? Yes, but you don't have to worry.
- Rosie B.

Love the activities offered here...don't have to worry that your pup is just engaging in pack behavior, running back and forth and getting humped by other dogs. They have playground equipment, nature walks, swimming!
- Roberta T.

So much room to run , climb , swim and play ! Cabins not cages :) Wonderful, caring and knowledgeable staff:)
- Catherine A.

Beautiful, clean, well maintained facility with outstanding staff. The dogs are busy having fun, with afternoon naps to recharge. Highly recommended!
- Thomas H.

#1, #1 #1
- Jennifer M.

Best of luck Sonja. You are #1 in my book!
- Kimberly H.

A really fun boarding place! The guests are not confined to cages with runs. It's wall to wall fun for the quests. There is even a swimming pools!
- Mary B.

My dogs love the Ultimutt!! No cages, lots of playtime and a great pool!!
- Anonymous

I recommend this place often...sending love from Shell's Dog Design...Good Luck
- Michelle T.

Will accommodate to any special needs! Wonderful!!!
- Janis P.

I love this place. my dog is so happy here..he's not just put in a cage..but gets to play outside with other dogs.
- Clara F.

My Dogs LOVE coming to the UltiMutt!!!!
- Anne C.

They take such good care of my dogs and there is so much for them to do there!
- Nancy K.

They put a lot of care and effort onto each dogs day!
- Anonymous

My dogs love it.
- Anonymous

Great owners they know how much they love animals and are so knowledge.
- Anonymous

My dog loved it here! She did not miss us at all. She played all day with other dogs and had a great time! She was well cared for with a personalized touch. They have individual bedrooms with real beds for the dogs to sleep on! Each dog gets individual attention.
- Christina K.

We can assure you, your dog will come home and be exhausted.
- Andrea W.

Awesome facility and great people working there!
- Stephanie G.

My dogs love it!!!!!
- Calvin D.

No small cages and a loving, home like atmosphere makes this a perfect place for your pet to enjoy vacation as much as you do! The staff is second to none. I drive 50 minutes to bring my dog here while I'm away! I strongly recommend it!
- Stacey M.

Superb staff and great facilities.
- Mal Y.

Caring staff, indoor pool, super clean, lots of play areas.
- Karen S.

Our dog has so much fun at the UltiMutt Inn! They are so easy to work with, friendly and they truly love the dogs. As owners, we appreciate when they surprise us with "vacation" pictures of our dog playing with the other guests..when we know that that she is having a grand time there it helps to easy the initial anxiety of leaving a pet!
- Tessa N.

Our puppies play all day, staff give excellent care of them. My dogs are all excited to go to the Ultimutt.
- Debbie M.

You will not find a better boarding facility. The owner treats the dogs better than most people treat their children.
- Michelle S.

Coolest place to leave your dog for day care or boarding. The pets always look relaxed, non stressed and the owners LOVE doing what they do!!
- Maureen S.

Immaculate facility. Kind, patient, knowledgeable staff. Happy dogs playing together. Not confined 24 hours.
- Joan S.

Our dog loves the UltiMutt Inn! He loves to play with his buddies and I love the coming home bath he gets. We have tried the other 'highly ranked' place when UltiMutt was full and would never go back there!
- Sherilyn P.

You won't find better boarding anywhere else. Sonja, the owner, is so good with the animals and treats them all as her own.
- Michelle S.

My pups love the Inn! Lots of playtime, people time, and best of all nap time when the tired pups arrive home!
- Laura B.

My dogs' FAVORITE place to stay!! They love it there!!
- Anonymous

By far the BEST place for boarding your pet! The folks keep your dog in their normal routine and provide tons of love to your pet and remove your worry while you are away!!!
- Pam M.

They are great!
- Eleanor R.

Love all the photos that are posted to the website! The dogs all look like they're having so much fun! Check 'em out! Can't wait to come back!
- Ramona H.

My doggies love UltiMutt!
- Anonymous

Always feel comfortable leaving my dogs when we are out of town. Loved and pampered just like at home!!
- Jeannie C.

UltiMutt Inn is the BEST!!!
- Anonymous

Love the UltiMutt Inn!!!!
- Anonymous

Best Boarding place in Cleveland!!!
- Debbie M.

Best boarding in Ohio!!!
- Karen S.

My dogs' home away from home!
- Dora B.

My dogs love to stay at the UltiMutt!
- Robyn D.

This is an unbelievably superb boarding facility. My dogs love going there.
- Suzy P.

What a wonderful place!!!! My pets did not want to come home!!!! They are the best!!!!
- Jeanne K.

You know while your away, your pet is definitely well cared for and having a blast. It's like a vacation for dogs.
- Colleen M.

My dogs didn't want to come home!
- Beth K.

Great place for dogs in any season!!!
- Renate M.

While owners vacation in foreign lands, their dogs will enjoy the best vacation ever in this totally cage-free facility, in beautiful Geauga County.
- Hilda P.

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