Purpose & Values

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It All Starts With Why…

To enrich the lives of our beloved 4-legged family members, by providing them with the UltiMutt experience.

The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort was built on the belief that every dog deserves the opportunity to learn, socialize, and exercise in a safe and enriching environment. The UltiMutt experience provides your pet an unforgettable place to play and connect with other dog friends, to have fun, to feel at home and to leave with the eager anticipation of their next visit.

Our Values

Customer Commitment

  • We develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with both our 2-legged and 4-legged customers
  • We have clarity of purpose, deep trust and high standards


  • We treat everyone (human and canine) fairly with dignity and respect
  • We communicate openly, clearly, and honestly


  • We are authentic and true to ourselves
  • We uphold the highest moral or ethical convictions by doing the right thing in all circumstances, especially when no one is watching
  • We EARN trust


  • We provide the cleanest and safest environment possible for our guests and team members
  • We strive to achieve unparalleled quality excellence through compliance with ISO9001 quality management principles


  • We support each other through small group cohesion
  • We celebrate and reward accomplishments
  • We have fun while we work


  • We believe and encourage our team to perform “Above the Line”

Continual Improvement

  • We are fully dedicated to learning, teaching, and the on-going development of ourselves and our canine guests

The Value of Our Values

value \ val-yü \

  • The esteem that something is held to deserve; the importance or preciousness of something
  • A person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s view of what is important in life