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A Stress-free Environment

While traditional kennels put animals in cages or runs, our guests are free to run and play most of the day, or lounge around in their own private suite or in one of the cozy lounge areas and just take it easy. We believe our guests should spend time in a scenic, stress-free environment. We have shade trees in the play yards and guests can enjoy the peacefulness of being in the country, watching horses graze, listening to birds chirping, or napping in the sunshine. We offer more than a dozen huge, securely fenced outdoor play yards with lots of toys and games, and each dog is supervised to make sure they are involved in some sort of activity. Unlike some facilities, enrichment activities are included in all of our boarding options.

A Beautiful Facility

Special care has also been taken with the facility itself. Our space is meant to appeal to our guest’s sense of smell, sight and sound. Bright windows provide natural light and we use Fear-Free™ colors throughout the facility. Essential oil diffusers and soothing dog music are used as well. The UltiMutt is kept immaculately clean to create a welcoming and odor-free environment. While boarding facilities are often stressful and loud, everyone at The UltiMutt works to maintain a quiet and calm ambience. Our guests go on frequent outings to expend energy and reduce barking.

The UltiMutt Inn offers a positive and structured daily schedule for every guest, full of fun activities for your dog to enjoy. During the day, your dog will enjoy the company of compatible playmates. Guests are always in the company of a highly-trained and compassionate team member who provides the necessary attention while also encouraging good manners and safe play. Our daily nap periods, give pups a time to relax and regenerate. We have soft, therapeutic music playing during this time. With renewed energy, your dog’s playtime will continue thru the afternoon and early evening.

We believe that creating a stress-free, social, home-like environment depends on a dog’s familiarity with our staff, facility, and our daily routines. This comfort level comes from a commitment to on-going socialization practices between each pup and The UltiMutt Inn. While we welcome most pups, we are not ideally set up to accommodate “holiday only” or the once-a-year visiting guests. We want to know each and every dog and owner, and want for each and every dog and owner to be comfortable with and trust us with the care and experience we provide. We want your dog to have a 100% positive experience with us from day one!