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A Montessori School for Dogs!

The UltiMuttessori School for Dogs believes that every dog is a unique individual. Getting a dog started off on the right paw is probably the most important thing a pet parent can do for their dog. What a dog learns in their first 6 months sets the foundation for a lifetime. It is for this reason that we are proud to offer choices for your dog’s education.

We believe in a "Montessori" approach to education. What does this mean exactly?

In the human world, the Montessori method of education believes a child is naturally eager for knowledge. It believes that the child is capable of seeking out learning when immersed in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. Traditionally, this type of environment gives children the freedom to explore and learn within safe limits. With the proper guidance from teachers and caretakers, the child’s individual characteristics, tendencies, innate talents and abilities are fostered and encouraged. At its core, the Montessori system strives to help children develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

The UltiMuttessori School for Dogs believes that this philosophy, and many of these concepts, can be translated to canine behavior to help them learn and be the best that they can be.

At The UltiMuttessori School for Dogs, we believe:

  • Dogs should be allowed to be dogs within the boundaries of safety,
  • In allowing each individual dog to develop through opportunities for exploration,
  • Teachers/trainers should reinforce behaviors we wish to see more of instead of through punishments,
  • That only comprehensive, positive force-free based training should be used,
  • Dogs should be exposed to all things unthreatening in unthreatening ways,
  • Dogs should be allowed to select the pace at which he/she works to be comfortable and proficient around new tasks and experiences.

We also believe that training is not just about your dog. Your dog’s behavior is a reflection of how you, the pet parent, responds to everything the dog does. Many times, pet parents and family inadvertently reinforce unacceptable behaviors in their dog, causing bad behaviors to get worse rather than improve. It is why we believe that it is equally important for pet parents to be involved in their dog’s education. We want pet parents to feel good about how to get training results and how we care for your dog while we are doing so. Our “UltiMutt” goal is to teach not only the dog but also the pet parents to help make the dog’s training a success.

Our Programs

We understand that helping your dog learn is not a one-size-fits-all adventure! We are proud to offer several different options when it comes to your dog’s higher education.


Our unique Daycare programs are great for dogs with tons of energy and or minds that love to soak up new, enriching activities! We enforce good manners through creative games and offer activities to suit every dog!

Day School

Our Day School courses incorporate training into your dog’s day so they are learning while having fun. That means, at the end of the day, you pick up a happy, fulfilled and tired dog!

Boarding School

Our Boarding School programs are perfect for busy or traveling pet parents. They allow your dog to focus on his studies while enjoying our luxury resort, hanging out with friends, playing and working on training skills throughout the day, every day!

All of our programs focus on consistency and rewarding good behavior with treats, play and praise. We focus on teaching life skills, socializing dogs through safe, controlled exposure to other dogs, people, new surfaces, smells, surroundings, as well as laying the foundations for self-control, confidence building and better coping skills around exciting distractions. Again, it is all about creating positive experiences for your dog!

Whether you opt for one of our Daycare, Day School or Boarding School programs, rest assured that your dog will spend a balanced day…

Using Brain Power!

Food toys and solving puzzles = tons of fun!

Using that sniffer!

Sniffari walks around the farm and playing scent games really works the senses!

Making friends!

Dogs LOVE socializing and meeting new friends in small, supervised playgroups!

Learning new skills!

We believe that learning is fun whether it is a new obedience cue or learning to walk on the treadmill.

Staying fit!

Whether running in the 2-acre field, swimming in the indoor pool or using the FitPaws gym, staying fit is fun!

Getting proper rest!

We always allow for adequate rest and naptimes in between activities and training to allow for latent learning!

Being loved!

There is nothing better than getting pets, love and lots of personal attention!