A Typical Day At The UltiMutt Inn

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Every Day Is A Special Day!

Hour By Hour

Luxury Accomodations!

All accommodations for our guests include many of the same services you would find for yourself at a resort: private rooms, daily room service, fresh linens, delicious meals and snacks, an array of fun-filled activities, and a very caring and attentive staff!

Disney World For Dogs!

While traditional kennels put animals in cages or runs, our guests are free to run and play most of the day, or lounge around in their own private suite or in one of the cozy lounge areas and just take it easy. We believe our guests should spend time in a scenic, stress-free environment. We have shade trees in the play yards and guests can enjoy the peacefulness of being in the country, watching horses graze, listening to birds chirping, or napping in the sunshine. We offer 13 huge, securely fenced outdoor play yards with lots of toys and games, and each dog is supervised to make sure they are involved in some sort of activity.