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What Makes The UltiMutt Inn Different?

We understand what dogs need. We have created an environment where dogs can be dogs. Our surroundings and daily routines are built with the dogs in mind and we have a strong belief in positive training and dog management skills. Our focus is on enriching the lives of every single one of our guests!

What is Canine Enrichment and why is it so important?

Canine enrichment is defined as additions to a dog’s environment and lifestyle. It is an environment in which the dog voluntarily interacts and, as a result, experiences improved physical and psychological health. Although it sounds complex, it is simply adding actions or items to a dog’s environment for their benefit.

As dog owners and caregivers, we provide our dogs with their basic needs: food, water and shelter. But we also have a responsibility to provide them with enrichment opportunities. The six categories of enrichment are:


New faces, new places!


Puzzles, brain games, problem solving activities


Exercise, games, sports


Homes, gardens, walks, parks, forests


Taste, smell, hear, touch, see

Enrichment Is Essential

Enrichment is essential for a well-rounded dog, not only physically, but also mentally and psychologically. Many dogs spend a good portion of the day sleeping until their owners come home. If we compare the lives of animals in nature, there is a drastic difference in their activity levels. Animals in nature spend most of their time foraging, scavenging, hunting and finding food. So, providing enrichment for our faithful companions has many benefits. It can:

  • Relieve boredom, anxiety and destructive behavior at home
  • Stimulate and assist in brain growth
  • Improve a dog’s problem-solving skills
  • Build confidence and social skills
  • Allow a dog to engage in natural and instinctive behaviors
  • Improve socialization between people and other dogs
  • Allow for a more balanced and happier dog. A lack of stimulation and enrichment can lead to depression

The UltiMutt Inn’s focus is enriching the lives of our guests and giving them different areas and opportunities to stimulate their senses. We thrive on watching our guests explore all we have to offer and try out new experiences!

Our Sensory Yards

All of our services and play areas are specifically designed to evoke and enhance our guest’s natural skills and abilities through enrichment activities. One of the main ways we do this is through the use of different “sensory” yards.

Sensory yards are designated areas set up to stimulate a dog’s senses through materials, textures, scents, sounds, experiences and heights. The goal is to engage all of the dog’s senses and offer a place of peaceful, natural enjoyment. In turn, the dog learns important concepts such as confidence, optimism, self-control, focus, self-calming, and playfulness.

We are continually adding and improving the features in each of our yards to achieve this goal. We have yards that feature plants that appeal to dogs and even can help with nervousness or aid in digestion. Our other yards include doggie activity boards, a maze, digging pits, a “friendly” stranger and lots of other stimulating activities. We even have a large field that utilizes all natural play obstacles to climb on and encourage sniffing.