Why is my dog so tired after visiting at The UltiMutt?

Please rest assured that this is completely normal. Dogs at home are used to sleeping most of the day, but at an activity-based facility, it’s all about mental and physical exercise. Dogs coming to hang out at The UltiMutt are the canine version of the human couch potato that decides to suddenly jump up off the couch and go run a 5K! It takes a little time for dogs to get accustomed to the active routine here. We monitor each guest to make sure no one is over-doing it. Our mid-day naptime is a very important part of our day. If we notice that a dog seems to be extra tired throughout the day, we will make sure he gets an extra rest break to help him catch up. You will probably also notice your dog drinks a lot of water after a play day or stay. Our guests always have access to as much clean, fresh water as they like, but they play a lot during their visit here and may still need to rehydrate more than usual when they get home.