Are there any risks with an activity-based facility?

Yes, there are some risks. We feel, however, that the benefits far outweigh these risks. Most of the time, they are things that have nothing to do with us humans. Dogs at The UltiMutt Inn are ALWAYS supervised while in play but, just like with children, dogs have minds and personalities of their own and mishaps can and will occasionally happen. Some examples can include: Dogs playing together may nicely get carried away but still be poked or cut by a long nail or an accidental bite. A playful pup may push boundaries and get too far into another dog’s personal space, causing the other dog to snap back out of reaction (and not aggression). A few dogs might play chase and jump off a play structure and twist a paw or take a tumble.

Just like human children starting school for the first time, a new dog starting boarding or daycare may not have the same immunity to all the colds and bugs the other kids at school have already dealt with and gotten over. It is possible for pups that are socializing with other dogs for the first time to develop things like kennel cough or pick up a gastrointestinal bug. Pet parents choosing a group play environment for their dog must accept and share in these risks.

Risk situations, such as the ones described above, are normal and no one is really at fault, even the dogs. We absolutely monitor the dogs very closely and they are healthy and in happy harmony the majority of the time. Our team members are highly trained on canine body language and recognizing appropriate and inappropriate play behaviors. The only thing we care more about than fun is safety! But it is important to remember that dogs will be dogs and we can’t always fully understand every single thing about them.