What makes the UltiMutt different from a standard kennel?

We are VERY different from a standard boarding kennel. The dogs DO NOT stay in pens with runs. They stay in Luxury bedroom suites that are set up just like human bedrooms, bright, cheery, cozy 24+ sq ft Single Suites, cute, cozy 20 sq ft MiniMutt Gazebo or in the spacious Slumber Zone. The rooms have human beds (queen, full or twin beds) and color televisions in each room.  We are a relatively small facility - we have 20 Luxury rooms, 6 Single Suites and a limited number of Slumber Zone and MiniMutt accommodations. Regardless of the lodging option you select, we give TONS of personal attention and one-on-one time for each guest. We love our guests!

Do you take intact and unsocial guests?

For safety reasons, unaltered dogs over 12 months old may not be permitted in group play and are usually not accepted during peak periods. If your veterinarian recommends that your pet remain intact for health reasons (up to a certain age), we will do our best to accommodate you. The UltiMutt Inn was designed to allow dogs to engage in group activities and take advantage of their pack instincts and social nature. We want all of our guests to have a safe and fun experience while they are here. Due to the high number of pups staying with us during these times, we are no longer able to accommodate Private Care clients.

Why is my dog so tired after visiting at The UltiMutt?

Please rest assured that this is completely normal. Dogs at home are used to sleeping most of the day, but at an activity-based facility, it’s all about mental and physical exercise. Dogs coming to hang out at The UltiMutt are the canine version of the human couch potato that decides to suddenly jump up off the couch and go run a 5K! It takes a little time for dogs to get accustomed to the active routine here. We monitor each guest to make sure no one is over-doing it. Our mid-day naptime is a very important part of our day. If we notice that a dog seems to be extra tired throughout the day, we will make sure he gets an extra rest break to help him catch up. You will probably also notice your dog drinks a lot of water after a play day or stay. Our guests always have access to as much clean, fresh water as they like, but they play a lot during their visit here and may still need to rehydrate more than usual when they get home.

What are peak times?

Are you headed to the Mexico for Spring Break? Or perhaps Europe for the summer? Holidays and vacations mean travel time! We observe most of the same holidays as everyone else, but by “observe” we mean work double time caring for LOTS of pups! Most boarding facilities sell out during holiday periods so we have some guidelines to help us ensure the pooches that stay with us get the maximum amount of fun. Below you will find the info to help plan your pets’ vacation with us while you’re planning your peak-time travel.

New Clients are not accepted during peak boarding dates. Pups staying with us during a peak time, must attend a minimum of one day of daycare prior to the reservation being confirmed. Due the high number of dogs boarding during these times, it is important that all dogs staying with us be suitable to some form of group interaction. Boarding can be stressful for a new dog, and visiting the facility at least once prior to staying overnight will help him feel more comfortable. Please plan your dog’s first visit with us well in advance.

Are there any risks with an activity-based facility?

Yes, there are some risks. We feel, however, that the benefits far outweigh these risks. Most of the time, they are things that have nothing to do with us humans. Dogs at The UltiMutt Inn are ALWAYS supervised while in play but, just like with children, dogs have minds and personalities of their own and mishaps can and will occasionally happen. Some examples can include: Dogs playing together may nicely get carried away but still be poked or cut by a long nail or an accidental bite. A playful pup may push boundaries and get too far into another dog’s personal space, causing the other dog to snap back out of reaction (and not aggression). A few dogs might play chase and jump off a play structure and twist a paw or take a tumble.

Just like human children starting school for the first time, a new dog starting boarding or daycare may not have the same immunity to all the colds and bugs the other kids at school have already dealt with and gotten over. It is possible for pups that are socializing with other dogs for the first time to develop things like kennel cough or pick up a gastrointestinal bug. Pet parents choosing a group play environment for their dog must accept and share in these risks.

Risk situations, such as the ones described above, are normal and no one is really at fault, even the dogs. We absolutely monitor the dogs very closely and they are healthy and in happy harmony the majority of the time. Our team members are highly trained on canine body language and recognizing appropriate and inappropriate play behaviors. The only thing we care more about than fun is safety! But it is important to remember that dogs will be dogs and we can’t always fully understand every single thing about them.

What are your hours for drop-offs, pick-ups or tours?

We are open 7 days per week. Drop-offs and pick-ups are generally done between 8:00am – 10:00am and 4:00pm – 7:00pm but we do our very best to accommodate everyone! Dog naptime is from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. We do everything by appointment (visits, drop-offs and pick-ups) as our guests have run of the entire building. So, just make sure you have called to set up a time. We suggest that dogs staying for the first time be dropped off by 4pm so that they can get a chance to look around and get settled in before dinnertime.

Can we drop-off / pick-up on Sundays and on holidays?

Yes, this is generally not a problem! Major holidays may have somewhat restricted hours but we do our very best to be flexible!

How do your rates work?

We charge per night and our nightly rate is all inclusive (meaning, lodging and playtime is included). Check-in is after 4:00PM and check-out is prior to 10:00am. But don't worry! If you need an earlier or later time, we can accommodate your needs.

Can our dogs stay in a room together?

Yes! We do not mix strange dogs in the same room but dogs from the same family are welcome to room together.

How do you keep your facility so clean?

We clean, clean, clean! Our facility is cleaned every day. We vacuum and disinfect the rooms and play areas each and every day. Sheets are changed as needed in guests’ rooms and dogs are provided with fresh water pails daily and clean dishes for each meal.

Will I be able to see the room that my dog will be staying in?

We are proud of our facility and love for owners to see where their dog will be staying! However, there are times where it may not be possible (if dogs are playing inside, during mealtimes, or if another guest is being checked-in/checked-out).

Do you offer daycare?

Yes, we offer Daycare on a limited basis. Daycare guests follow the same daily routine as overnight guests.

How does the playtime work?

The dogs staying at The UltiMutt Inn get to play pretty much all day. We match dogs by size and personality. We supervise the dogs at all times while playing. We keep our playgroups very small (typically 6-12 max per group). We have 8 spacious play yards that are attached to the building, 2 grass yards (used when weather is nice) and 7 indoor play areas. There are tunnels, dog “jungle gyms”, playhouses, sand boxes, swimming pools, etc in the play yards. Our fencing is a combination of wood & chain link and is 6’ tall. The 7 outdoor yards have overhangs that the dogs can play under if it’s lightly raining. Dogs can decide where they play and no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to do. Most dogs love going out and playing in the play yards. Some of the older dogs prefer to just stay inside and follow us around while we do our work or watch TV.

What sort of potty schedule are guests on?

We are here to cater to your dog and offer unlimited potty breaks!

What kind of footing is used in the facility?

The indoor play areas have thick rubber matting, as do the bedroom suites. Our yards all have different footing - some have pea gravel and rubber matting, our UltiMutt Gym is sand and wood chips and several of our yards are grass.

Are there any types of dogs you will not accept?

We do not take dogs that are aggressive towards humans.

Can I come for a tour?

Definitely! We do all our visits by appointment so just give us a call to set up a time 440.759.9071.

I heard a lot of barking coming from the play yard. Is it always this loud?

No! The guests get very excited when they hear someone pull in or come in the building (think of your own dog at home when someone pulls into your driveway and rings the doorbell – now just multiply the barking X 20!). They know a new friend is arriving or someone is going home. They are just excited!

While taking a tour, I noticed a couple of rooms had crates in them and one room just had cots. Why is that?

We sometimes get an owner request to crate a dog that may be used to being crated at home or for a puppy in the process of being potty trained. We also sometimes get requests to remove mattresses for a dog that is not allowed on furniture at home or is very destructive on furniture. We have several crates available for owners that would like us to crate their dog and are happy to remove mattresses for those owners that do not want their dogs to climb on furniture.

I want to make my dog’s drop-off / pick-up stress-free. How do you suggest we handle it?

All dogs are different! Some dogs are so excited to be here, they are eager to say goodbye and go find their friends. Some dogs are a little more timid. We find that it is best not to make a big fuss. Your dog will sense it if you are upset or sad. Say your goodbye and we will take him out to a yard or playroom to check things out as you leave the building.

Will my dog get a bath before pick-up time?

Yes, The UltiMutt Bath can be requested prior to pick-up. Just make sure to set up a pick-up time so we can schedule your dog's bath on pick-up day.

Do the dogs actually sleep on the beds?

Yes, most dogs love sleeping on the beds!

Do I need to bring dishes and water bowls for my dogs?

No, it is not necessary. Our guests are provided with clean dishes for each meal.

Do the dogs actually watch TV?

Some do! But we get the feeling that the sound is what they like – it makes them feel more like they are at home.

What do the dogs watch on TV?

We have TONS of doggie-friendly movies, DVDs and music CDs geared just for dogs!

What should I bring for my dog?

Whatever you think will make him feel comfortable! You can bring as much or as little as you would like. Some owners send along a shirt with their smell on it. Most dogs bring their own food and treats but if you prefer to use our food, that is fine. We have several varieties of Blue Buffalo dry food and a couple varieties of moist food. We feed mostly Milkbones but if you want your dog to get anything else, you are welcome to send it along and we’ll make sure your dog gets it. You are welcome to bring toys, blankets, crates – anything you think will make your dog happy. Whatever you bring for your dog will stay in your dog’s room.

What do I need to do to book my dog’s vacation?

There are a few options for booking a visit! You can visit our Online Booking page on our webpage. We will be touch to confirm the reservation.  Or, you can give us a call @ 440.759.9071 or email info@ultimuttinn.com to check on availability and make the reservation. You can fill out our online paperwork on our webpage or download is from the webpage. Vaccination records for each dog can be emailed to us info@ultimuttinn.com or you can ask your vet to fax it directly to us at 440.834.4475.

I miss my dog!

Relax! Your dog is going to have a great time! Feel free to call us to check on him! We answer the phone unless we are vacuuming or busy with the dogs. In that case, just leave us a message and we’ll call you back with an update on how his vacation is going!

What method of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash or checks but also accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.

Is there anything else I need to know regarding my dog’s stay at The UltiMutt Inn?

We usually suggest not sending along items that you or your dog can’t live without if something were to happen to it (such as chewing). We ask that you put some sort of identification on your dog’s collar but you may want to put on an older, not-so-nice collar for his stay at The UltiMutt Inn. Although we supervise playtimes, sometimes the dogs manage to play secret “collar tag”. We also recommend (but not require) bagging up your dog’s food for each meal. This ensures that your dog has enough food for his entire stay. Many owners also send along some extra food, just in case a dog has to stay a night or two longer (due to weather, delayed flight, etc).

What should I expect after I pick my dog up from The UltiMutt Inn?

Many owners tell us that their dogs take a couple of days to recover from their vacation (just like humans!). They may sleep more than usual or seem extra lethargic, may have loose stools, not be as hungry as usual, may seem a little more clingy or lonely than usual. Do not be alarmed! Your dog just needs to get back into his normal routine. Give him some extra love and attention. Adding canned pumpkin or rice with chicken can help soothe his tummy and help with loose stools.

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