What are peak times?

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Are you headed to the Mexico for Spring Break? Or perhaps Europe for the summer? Holidays and vacations mean travel time! We observe most of the same holidays as everyone else, but by “observe” we mean work double time caring for LOTS of pups! Most boarding facilities sell out during holiday periods so we have some guidelines to help us ensure the pooches that stay with us get the maximum amount of fun. Below you will find the info to help plan your pets’ vacation with us while you’re planning your peak-time travel.

New Clients are not accepted during peak boarding dates. New pups staying with us must attend a minimum of one day of daycare prior to the reservation being confirmed. Due the high number of dogs boarding during these times, it is important that all dogs staying with us be suitable to some form of group interaction. Boarding can be stressful for a new dog, and visiting the facility at least once prior to staying overnight will help him feel more comfortable. Please plan your dog’s first visit with us well in advance.