9 Things You Must Know Before Taking Your Dog to the Beach

June 24, 2019

Owning a pet is like having the privilege of living with your best friend in your home. Your dog is not just a best friend but also a confidant and a snuggle buddy. Generally, pets are known to bring happiness in people's lives effortlessly. Your pet will make you laugh during your dull moments, comfort you when sick, and always be there for you no matter what. So of course you want to make sure that your favorite pup is safe wherever they go.

Can You Take Your Dog to the Beach?

The idea of bringing your pet to the beach sounds great! However, there are various safety precautions that you need to be aware of before you can take your dog on a big outing such as the beach:

Get Your Pet Behaved

You will find multiple people at the beach, many of whom will be children. Make sure your dog's behavior is in check before taking them to this big outing. Behaviors such as jumping, leash pulling, incessant barking, and aggressiveness should be controlled for the safety and comfort of others at the beach.

Protection from the Sun

The summer sun and heat can be brutal while at the beach. Carry an umbrella and maybe a hat for your dog to provide them with shade while at the beach. Exposure to too much heat can give your dog heatstroke.

Prepare for Swimming

Can your dog swim? Some dogs are not good swimmers. Dog breeds such as bulldogs cannot swim at all. It is crucial to know your dog's swimming skills before letting them swim in the ocean. Your dog might need floating devices if it has short legs and does not weigh much.

Bond With Your Dog

Did you just get your pup? Well, it might be tempting to move around with your new snuggle buddy, trying to bond. However, do not rush or force bonding. Give your dog time to adjust. Your dog should be used to you before heading to the beach.

Leave Your Dog's Fur Alone

Shaving off your dog's fur will not protect it from the heat, but expose it to more sun. The dog's fur plays a vital role in protecting it from heat. Instead of shaving your dog, brush the furs to lighten the layers.

Water is the Answer

Due to the hot weather at the beach, your dog might go through heavy breathing and probably sweating, making them need more water. During an active day such as one spent at the beach, your dog should have more than one ounce of clean water.

Protect the Pup's Eyes

Doggy goggles will not only protect your dog's eyes from direct sunlight, but will also make them look cute! Look for dog's eye protection gear at your local pet store.

Know Your Pet's Food

The beach is full of strangers with various foods. It is important to keep an eye on your pet to ensure a kid does not feed them inappropriate foods such as apple cores, grapes, and tomatoes.

Get Pup Sunscreen

Dogs too can get sunburns! Most human sunscreen can work on dogs also. However, it is important to get a sunscreen that is Zinc Oxide free. You can get dog-friendly sunscreen at the pet store.