Outdoor Activities for Dogs to Dig Into This Fall

November 13, 2019

Outdoor Activities for Dogs to Dig Into This Fall

The fall season is the perfect time to take your dog out for some outdoor activity instead of it staying holed up in the house playing with the same old toys. Here are 6 fun and cheap outdoor activities for dogs to dig into this fall if you are looking to take your dog on new adventures:

Hike at a state park
You will be surprised at how many state parks have amazing hiking trails your dog would enjoy. Some even have swimming areas for dogs. Your checklist should include drinking water, a collapsible water bowl, a leash, and some dog towels (if swimming is on the cards). Don’t forget to check if the park has any restrictions, guidelines and hiking maps. Keep your dog vaccinated and take it for a checkup after the adventure. You can check PetMD for tips on how to look out for parasites such as ticks.

Play in the leaves
Take advantage of the Fall leaves and have fun hiding and finding toys hidden in piles.You can even do this in your backyard. Small dogs will also enjoy playing in a pool of leaves. Just be sure to check  that the pile has no sticks or sharp objects that may injure the dog.

Go for adventure
Beaches and other open areas have low traffic during Fall. You can let the dog enjoy the sand of  splash in the water.You can also make in expensive do-it-yourself toys for outdoor games. Always fit your dog with a life jacket if it is going into the water.

Try a new exercise routine
Fall is the perfect time to get your dog into a new exercise routine since it is cooler and more comfortable. A brisk walk every day can help to keep the dog in good shape. Combined with the right diet, your dog doesn’t have to be overweight. When you and your dog finally cheat on your diet on Thanksgiving, it won’t be as bad because the exercise will have helped cushion the dog.  Helping the dog exercise keeps you motivated to stick to your exercise regime too.  

Don’t miss the opportunity that Fall presents for you and your dog to create lasting, fun memories  together. Always remember to carry along a camera to capture the moments.