The Best Dog Daycare for Your Pooch

December 1, 2022


So.  Your puppy is growing up and almost, *sob* ready *sob* to go to doggy daycare *commence full-on meltdown*.

Friend, we're right here with you. So, let's bust out the Ben & Jerry's and talk this out. 


Is Dog Daycare Right For Your Pup? 

First, we need to be sure that dog daycare is right for your pooch? Obviously, your little superstar rocks any room they strut into, but the question is, are they a solo act or a band member? 

A quality dog daycare can be a  great tool to help young pups learn about socializing with other dogs, burn off energy and learn important life skills.   By interacting with other dogs in a structured setting, they can be guided how to interact appropriately with other dogs, people and, honestly, the world in general. 

Perhaps your furry friend is a little older and has perfect manners already and just needs an outlet for energy.  

Maybe your pooch is a little  "set in their ways," and prefers peace, quiet, and one-on-one interactions with a handler.  That’s ok!  Just as some people prefer to spend time alone or one-on-one with a friend, dogs can be the same.   

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Let’s face it: life gets busy.  Between the demands of work, pets, kids and family, sometimes we just struggle to find the time to fit everything in.   Often, our dogs may need more stimulated time during the day than we have the time and energy to provide. Or, sometimes we may just want them to get a little extra TLC while we are at work.  If that's the case for you and your dog, then dog daycare may be just the thing!

A well-run dog daycare:

  • Provides pups with mental stimulation and fun with other dogs.
  • Helps dogs learn social cues and how to properly relate to other dogs.
  • Provides different experiences to help dogs learn how to be more confident and well-adjusted in the world.
  • Relieves the separation anxiety and boredom that leads to destructive behaviors at home.
  • Exercises and tires out pups, giving owners a more relaxing evening.
  • Allows dog parents to avoid the stress of giving different people access to their  homes when they are not there. 


Finding A Quality Dog Daycare

Dog daycare facilities are all different.  There are good ones, not-so-good ones and everything in between!  It is important to do your homework when looking to find the right fit for your pup.  

The UltiMutt Inn knows that once you've gone through the work and research to find the right facility for your puppy, it's a real stress reliever to be able to leave him/her for the day, knowing your pup is getting that same care and TLC as with you.

So, what are the important things to look for in a dog daycare? 

A quality dog daycare is: 

  • Clean & Organized: You don't want to be hit in the face with odors and dirt when you walk in the door.
  • Securely Fenced: A responsible doggy daycare will ensure their clients' dogs' safety by fully fencing their outdoor area and keeping it in good repair.
  • Appropriately Staffed and Trained: A quality doggy daycare needs to be well-staffed to ensure the safety of multiple dogs with different personalities and needs. Staff should be trained on safety, pack management and dog body language.
  • Dog Focused: It sounds like a given, but make sure the staff and environment are all about the dogs and making sure their experience at dog daycare is a positive one. Try to look at the facility through your dog’s eyes.  Dogs don’t care about drop off or pick up hours or the pictures hanging on the walls.  But they do care about being in a setting with clear-cut expectations and routines, with handlers who are fun and help them have the time of their lives in a safe manner.

Remember To Ask Questions

Now that you think you may have found the perfect place, there are a few important questions to ask the facility:

  • What does a typical day look like for the pups attending daycare?
    • There is no right or wrong answer but as you listen to the answer, you will want to make sure it is one that suits your dog or is what you are looking for
  • How are play groups created?
    • Are big dogs and small dogs put in a group together?  What about senior dogs?  A good facility will take breed, size, age and energy levels into consideration when creating safe play groups
  • What if my dog does not enjoy group play and has to be pulled from the group?  Are there other options for my dog to enjoy?
    • Some facilities only accept dogs suited for group play,  Other facilities, such as The UltiMutt Inn, offer alternatives for dogs not suited for group play.  
  • Do the daycare dogs get rest periods during the day?
    • Play and having fun are a big part of dog daycare.  But just as important is making sure dogs get appropriate rest periods.  Part of The UltiMutt Inn’s daily routine is mandatory nap time.  We firmly believe this helps dogs learn to properly balance play and rest.
  • Where do the dogs stay for rest periods?
    • Some facilities use crates, some have group rest period, while others may skip rest periods altogether and just do “all day play”.  Again, facilities are all different so make sure the facility of your choice fits you and your dog.  The UltiMutt Inn utilizes suites and crates over naptime, based on the owner's request and what we feel the dog is most comfortable with.
  • What sort of activities do the dogs participate in during daycare?
    • Variety is the spice of life!  Ask what sort of activities dogs engage in.  The UltiMutt Inn believes in enriching EVERY guest’s life while visiting.  Our guests visit multiple yards and areas of our property in the course of a day.  We offer “sensory” yards with different doggy activity boards, an indoor swimming pool, lots of climbing equipment, sand boxes, and much, much more!
  • What is the dog/handler ratio?
    • A good facility will always operate with a safe dog/handler ratio.  Most facilities operate at 1 handler / 15 dogs.  The size, breed, energy level and behavioral issues of the dogs in the group can affect this ratio.
  • What kind of training methods do handlers use? Are they purely reward and positive training based or do they use negative corrections as well? 
    • You want to make sure that the facility training beliefs align with yours.   The UltiMutt Inn is a positive training facility.  


We hope that this article has helped you sort out some of the questions you may have about dog daycare.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us.  We are always happy to help.

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