VIP (Very Important Pup) Club

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Ask Us About Our Club Membership!

Enrolling in our VIP Club entitles you to discounted rates for boarding and DayCare.

Benefits Of Going VIP

  Savings   Perks
10% on all Add-On services
*includes Grooming services & special holiday offers
Discounted Boarding, Daycare and Add-On Services
20% on all Boarding services Priority Bookings
30% on all Daycare services Monthly Perks & Random Drawings

Annual Fee: Fee applies only once per individual dog or family. Membership duration is for one calendar year only, beginning on January 1 and expiring on December 31. Annual fee therefore, is due and payable before January 1. Memberships initiated and paid mid-year will reflect member rates for remainder of calendar year to which payment is applied. Any services rendered in same calendar year prior to payment of membership fee will be charged the non-member schedule of rates. VIP pricing does NOT apply to VIP memberships, Peak Season charges, Early Drop-Off charges or Late Pick-Up charges. Savings are rounded up/down to the nearest dollar amount. Visit our reservation system for current pricing and offers!

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