The UltiMutt Inn's rates for services!

Frequent Sleeper Program

Very Important Pup (VIP) Club Membership Annual Fee see here Annual Fee see here


Luxury Suite $56/Night, one dog $49/Night ea. additional dog. 12 x 12 ft. UltiMutt comfort. Additional dogs in the same room must be from same family
Webcam Suite Add $5/Night Additional to Luxury Suite. Based on availablity
The Slumber Zone $40/Night, one dog Extra large crate boarding
The Single Suite $48/Night, one dog 24 sq. ft. cozy comfort choice
MiniMutt Room $50/Night, one dog $43/Night ea. additional dog. 42 sq. ft. Luxury Room for dogs under 30lbs. Additional dogs in the sme room must be from same family
MiniMutt Gazebo $45/Night, one dog $38/Night ea. additional dog. Custom gazebo designed for dogs under 30lbs
MiniMutt Slumber Zone $40/Night, one dog Large crate boarding for dogs under 30lbs
Private Care $80/Night, one dog Luxury Suite for dogs unable to play in group


Standard Day Care Only $36/Day, one dog $30/Day ea. additional dog
MiniMutt Day Care Only $32/Day, one dog $28/Day ea. additional dog
Morning Check-in (before noon) $10/Dog Partial day care
Afternoon Check-out (after noon) $10/Dog Partial day care
Nighttime pickup (9pm) $20/Family In addition to afternoon check-out. By appt. only


Go-Home-Fresh Bath & Blow-dry $15-$40 Under 30 pounds = $15
30-80 pounds = $25
Over 80 pounds = $40
The UltiMutt Brush/FURminator $15 15-20 minute deshedding brush session
Nail Trim $10 -
Teeth Brushing $10 Your dental supplies or ours


The UltiMutt Update $10/Day Photo text update of your dog's day, twice per day
The UltiMutt Pampering
(15 min. one-on-one, a al carte activities)
$7/Activity Playing fetch
Frisbee tossing
Mentally stimulating puzzles
Warm petting and cuddling
Quiet bedtime stories read to your dog
Nature Walk $7 15-20 min. walk during day
Nighttime Walk $12 15-20 min. walk between 6:30pm and 9pm
Guest Swim-Individual $20 25-30 min. swim-includes rinse & towel dry
Guest Swim-Group $12 25-30 min. swim-includes rinse & towel dry
Obedience 101 - Mind Your Manners $12/Session 15-20 min. basic lesson; sit, wait, come, leave-it, off
Agility 101 $12/Session 15-20 min. basic agility lesson
Stuffed Kong $5 Stuffed frozen kong-assorted flavors
Pig Ear or Bully Stick $5 Great bedtime treat

*Standard Check-in/Check-out times apply
**Prices effective 1/1/18

Boarding prices are based on a per night basis. The UltiMutt Inn welcomes payment by personal checks, money orders and cash. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card and debit cards (service fee applies). Fees must be paid upon check-out. Reservations are required. Discounts are available for stays of two weeks or longer ($1.00 off per day) and four weeks or longer ($2.00 off per day). See the desk, call us, or email us for reservation arrangements.

If our policies, prices, or hours are not agreeable or not acceptable in your given situation, we would rather you utilize another facility then upset our guests' carefully controlled routine. The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort's prices, policies, and hours are not negotiable. We at the UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort reserve the right to refuse any dog or service at any time.

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by appointment only

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by appointment only

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*Typical drop-off hours are after 4pm and pick up hours are before 10am. If you would like to drop off earlier or pick up later, a $10 fee will apply.

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